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Weekend Recall: Mery Racauchi — Flaunt Magazine

Weekend Recall: Mery Racauchi

by Sid Feddema

Our Monday morning reminiscence of the Weekend Past

If Mery Racauchi walks past you on the sidewalk, you’ll take notice. Her glittery, hyper-colorful style and vivid pink hair might convince you you’re encountering a visitor from another, more glamorous planet or a brighter, happier future. Born in Argentina and determined from a young age to achieve her dream of becoming a fashion designer, she now lives in New York, where she has made that dream a reality with the founding of her own label, Mery. We had Mery take us along to live a weekend in her shimmering, polychromatic platform shoes.


7.30PM: “Friday night playing in the snow. That’s an adult activity, right?”

 8:30 PM: “Friday at Cipriani. How else to end the working week except for with a piece of my favorite spongy vanilla cake.”

10PM: “Out with the squad ready to celebrate St Patricks Day at ‘Sunday in Brooklyn’ bar in Williamsburg.
With @ringomerea @lady.zeppelin and @jackklauber.”


8:00 AM: “Time to burn off those cocktails from last night. But first, a quick brush of my pink locks.”

10AM: “After my spinning class at the Monster Cycle, do I still look good?”

12PM: “Having some tea at OSLO Williamsburg with @_katinova_ , trying new mustache styles. Because, why not.”


 11AM: “Time to design! My self-titled brand ‘MERY’ allows me to do what I love all day, everyday.
Check it out – more designs coming soon!”

  2PM – Playing with my baby Luna in the snow, we are great dancers!

 9PM: Sunday evening hangs with my friend & stylist @mwpeters_

Mery Racauchi will drop her first New York collection starring her ICONIC shoes this May on her website

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