21 May / 6 Ways To Spend Your Memorial Day Weekend, Hamptons Style

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Anthony Bowles


Memorial Day Weekend is the time of year when spring is coming to an end, the rich and fabulous depart to their summer homes and everyone is buying charcoal to light up the good, ole’ grill.
If you happen to be like me and consider the Hamptons your home away from home, then you probably know come Friday morning, the Long Island Expressway will be backed up for miles with eager New Yorkers looking to turn into Hamptonites (well, at least until Labor Day Weekend).
I used to wonder what was so special about Memorial Day Weekend (besides the fact we honor our fallen and most courageous heroes), and I never understood why people made it such a big deal.

However, in the Hamptons, it is the start of the summer season, with exclusive VIP parties, art auctions, wine tastings, pool parties, celebrity sightings, beach days and the return of the club scene.
Memorial Day Weekend holds a special place in my heart.


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