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Sebastian Latiolais knows brows. The sought-after eyebrow guru and makeup artist of Brows By Sebastian open his New York City-based eyebrow and makeup studio in 2015 with a keen eye for creating the most perfect arches for every face shape.

Widely known in the industry and continuously sought-after by celebrities worldwide, he has worked on such famous faces as Reese Witherspoon, Andreja Pejic, Selma Blair and Hilary Duff. Using a strictly tweezer-only approach to brow shaping, Sebastian has excelled as one of the top brow artists in NYC. 

The Brows By Sebastian team consists of professional artists who use a holistic approach to beauty. By avoiding waxing or threading, they have differentiated themselves as a unique service in the beauty industry.

BITB spoke with Sebastian — named by Huffington Post as “the go-to person to talk eyebrows … the makeup and eyebrow expert in the entertainment world” to find out his secret to natural-looking arches. 

1. Tell us a bit about yourself. How and when did you become interesting in makeup artistry and eyebrow styling?

I was born and raised in Lafayette, LA and moved to Steubenville, OH to pursue a Marriage Counseling degree. I then moved to Detroit where I visited my first fashion shoot and was mesmerized by the MAC artists who transformed the models, leaving me inspired with an eternal passion for beauty and fashion. After becoming a celebrity makeup artist and realizing how much I had to alter the eye application, because of uneven eyebrows, from there I decided to start the makeup process by correcting the eyebrows. I’ve never put down the tweezers since.

2. Take us through a typical day. What are some of the most exciting parts of your job?

My typical day begins at 6 am with some artistic mental control, which consists of yoga and meditation. I then proceed with meetings between the hours of 9 am- 10 am for fashion and beauty trends and events. From 11am-7:30 pm I see my clients in 15 min intervals. Between 7:30pm-10:30pm I attend more meetings and events. The most exciting part of my day is seeing my brow clients who return monthly, which over time become my family.

3. We love natural-looking brows. What advice would you give us and our readers on how to draw in brows so that they don’t look fake?

Before we get into drawing the “full” eyebrow look, it is important for a client to undergo brow rehab to fix uneven, thin brows caused by hair removal (waxing, threading). To properly fill the brow, I prefer powder for a more natural look which should be feathered into the brow. Always fill the brow in 2 sections, fill the body first, then the tail to create the perfect arched brow. Filling the brow in one motion gives you a rounded brow every time.


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