21 Sep / Brows by Sebastian – Bravo – 18 September 2017

The Great, Heated Debate: Are Eyelash Extensions Safe?

This is a divisive issue in the beauty community.

There was a time when eyebrow guru and makeup artist Sebastian Latiolais offered eyelash extensions at his NYC salon Brows by Sebastian. But after seeing women in his salon every single day with stubby or damaged natural lashes from extensions (problems that that he attributes to lash extension glue), he’s switched completely to lash tinting with vegetable dye instead. “Is the short-term beauty regimen worth the long-term irreversible damage?” Sebastian wonders about lash extensions.

He’s not 100 percent against extensions, but he thinks you shouldn’t wear them for months on end without a break. “You can not go from dry glue, ripping it off in between, to applying new suffocating glue and over and over. Now your lashes are falling out and you feel like you need more fake lashes. It’s out of hand and it’s very damaging,” Sebastian says. “I get frustrated with the beauty industry because we push sales without worrying about the health and the natural beauty of a woman.”

Sebastian’s not the only beauty pro who is down on eyelash extensions. “Women with eyelash extensions are asked to refrain from oil-based eye makeup remover and mascara altogether. Those are staples in a woman’s makeup collection!” says makeup artist Sharon L. Gjieli, who also worries about damage to natural lashes and the expensive upkeep of getting fills.

“How am I supposed to take off my winged liner without oil-based remover? Probably by rubbing and tugging at my eyelid, which will cause wrinkles, and still ruin the eyelash extensions,” Sharon says. “So what’s the point?”

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