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Meat Brandsway Creative Team

Kelly Brandy


Kelly Brady is a San Diego Native who moved to New York after graduating from California State University, Chico. She majored in Psychology and Business and was active in musical theater and served as VP of Public Relations for the Gamma Phi Beta sorority.

Kelly initially came to New York to pursue acting and modeling, and was successful as a commercial print model and featured in several ad campaigns. A strong interest in celebrity/lifestyle public relations led her to an internship with Lizzie Grubman Public Relations in 2002. Kelly remained at LGPR for 8 years where she became Vice President and was prominently featured on the MTV reality documentary “Power Girls”

Throughout her career in public relations, Kelly has and continues to work across a variety of clients in areas including celebrity / personality, fashion, beauty, music, charity, health, and hospitality.

Kelly currently lives in SoHo with her husband and Havanese dog Jack. Her hobbies include travelling, shopping, live music, dancing, eating out and being in the know of everything pop culture.

Matt Levine


Matt Levine began his career at sixteen; putting together events and coining himself Manhattan’s “go-to” gentleman for celebrity packed, and red-carpet events. Working with premiere venues, sponsors, and stars, Matt would gain access to agents, athletes, music pioneers, and top entertainers. Nightlife became his life, and with that a gained perspective of individual trend, style and expression. In due time, Matt took notice of the importance each person’s style, swagger and confidence. He wanted to bring his own vision to not only the nightlife experience, but also the style of it.


In 2004, Matt Levine lauched “Steelo'”, (steelo.us) a men’s collection offering a full range of jackets, sweeters, wovens, and his famous hooded blazer. His nightlife patrons became his daytime customers. He styled such celebrities as the Black Eyed Peas, Chad Michael Murray, Jimmy Fallon, Johnny Knoxville, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, and Perez Hilton in Steelo’.

Steelo’ the brand sold in over 125 stores worldwide, such as Atrium New York, Beams Japan, Fred Segal Los Angeles, and Traffic Los Angeles

Madison Vain


St. Louis, MO

Favorite Band:

Pearl Jam –> Eddie Vedder anything, actually.

Favorite Cocktail:

Ginger Margarita –> the Spice Market still has my favorite, but the one’s coming out of my kitchen are getting close!

Favorite Vacation:

Cambodia…I die for those temples. If ever it appears I’ve abandoned society, that’s where you’ll find me.


Cooking, Yoga, Writing, Wanderlusting.

Vanessa Behnam


Stockholm, Sweden

Favorite Vacation:

Cape Town, South Africa. Table Mountain is the most beautiful place on earth and Lion’s Head has the most amazing view for hikes.

Favorite Area in New York:

West Village

Favorite Food:

Mom’s home-cooked Persian food

Why New York:

Because I wanted my dreams to become my reality. This city offers you endless of opportunities.

Brooke Caldwell


Small country town ‘Parkes’ in rural Australia

Fav Movie:

The Castle

Favorite part of NYC:

The shops stay open after 5pm unlike Australia

Fav quote:

Hold your own, know your name and go your own way. – Jason Mraz

What made me move to NYC:

I blame Gossip Girl, Sex & The City, and every other movie & TV show filmed here.