Music Festival Beauty:
5 Simple Hairstyles for Coachella

April 8, 2013

Other than Fashion Month, we’d say that the year’s most inspiring street style looks come from Festival Season. Unless you’re just kicking back in the shaded VIP area all day, chances are you’ll be dancing (and sweating) up a storm, which can lead to seriously messy hair. Thankfully, our friends at Thierry Brunet and Moulay Yacoubi at Pierre Michel Salon in Manhattan came up with five easy styles – inspired by our favorite runway looks – that you can create
with just some bobby pins, a few hair ties, and a little bit of patience. We’ll see you in the desert!

The Price Of Beauty – Lash Luxury

Spring 2013

Weekend Feature: How A Spendthrift Can
Feel Like A Millionaire

May 6, 2012

NY1 VIDEO: New Yorkers do not have to spend like a millionaire to feel like they are in the lap of luxury, and trends expert Maggie Gallant explains how.