Manon Restaurant & Lounge
Alex Ancheta

The team members of Brandsway Creative are all consumate professionals and a pleasure to work with. Brandsway Creative takes a very personal approach with their clients and provide educated and relevant PR advice that leans towards developing a brand’s identity for long term success. Brandsway Creative is creative, innovative and gets the job done with whatever it takes. Brandsway Creative has extensive relationships in the media and holds a trusted and top notch client / celebrity / supermodel list which makes strategic A-List brand partnerships a reality for any venue.All in all, Brandsway Creative is a one stop shop for celebrity wrangling, pr, events and artist management; I would highly recommend them for any business looking to expose and elevate your brand.



Shane Duffy

I have enjoyed working with Brandsway tremendously. As a newly successful TV personality and not knowing the PR world, Brandsway has continuously offered new ideas and innovative approaches to keep me in the eyes of the public. The team has great interpersonal skills and the ability to listen and respond in a timely manner. I am not only happy by the results, but also very proud to be represented by them