09 Feb / 01 Feb 2017 / Winky Lux – Allure

FEBRUARY 1, 2017

It's finally happening Today - Watch @allure as they uncap the @winky_lux #FlowerBombs on their FB Live at 1:30p ET! Link available in their bio once live & also will be shared on our Brandsway Creative FB so follow us! : @_hannahchoi

As much as I love a lipstick that offers major pigment and long-lasting color, I have a confession: My favorite beauty products are the ones that have the prettiest packaging, like Winky Lux Flower Balm. You know, the ones that look as stunning in the tube as they do when you wear them. So when the Winky Lux Flower Balms hit my desk—including the newest iteration, launched on Monday, with a blue flower inside—I was sold before the first swipe. The clear bullet, which features a real flower inside, doesn’t have the intense color payoff of, let’s say, a liquid lipstick. But after those first swipes, I was pleasantly surprised.

Let me back up: The whole “flower balm” concept isn’t brand-new. Odds are if you’re a beauty junkie like me, you started hyperventilating when China-based company Kailijumei launched its own flower balms, which, BTW, have been sold out for months. But Winky Lux is fresh and full of floral stock—and also added a new color flower to its lineup of balms earlier this week—which happen to smell and taste just like vanilla. So, hey, Too Faced fans? We think you’ll really like these.

But despite their clear appearance, the Winky Lux Flower Balms are color-changing, and adjust to every individual’s unique pH level. So while in theory the idea is kinda “one size fits all,” it actually is more in line with customizable beauty, as the shade is essentially customized to your own body chemistry. (Here’s more on the science of color-changing makeup if you feel like going down the rabbit hole—or you can just think of it as a mood ring for your lips, TBH.)

However, it’s not like I’m the only one who went crazy over these lip balms—you guys freaked out in the best way on Instagram, which went crazy immediately after we posted the above shot. Because of that, I enlisted three of our editors—Rachel, Devon, and Deena—to see just how these clear balms looked on different lip shades and skin tones for our latest Facebook Live, so all of you could investigate along with us.

By Del DeLeon in In The News