01 Nov / One Over One – The Blonde Salad – 10 October 2017

Jennifer White is an American photographer who spent part of her 20s in Rome for her studies. For a long time, during the 1990s, she found herself wondering about what people really talk about when they talk about beauty, and about perceptions of beauty. After she left Italy, and after meeting her husband, Jennifer felt the need to support a higher ideal of beauty. She saw beauty not as only something related to looks, but rather as an idea connected to an inner depth of mind. Your glow comes from the way you choose to live your life, and that is an entirely individual choice. During her pregnancy, Jennifer started taking better care of her body, training, eating healthier food, and eliminating anything from her diet that wasn’t organic. After giving birth to her children, Jennifer came to realize that the secret of true beauty lies in real balance.
One Over One is a line of natural cosmetics born of the idea of accepting aging, rather than fighting it. Jennifer thinks that there is nothing to be erased or corrected in our bodies, because beauty is unique and it shouldn’t be evaluated with any objective, external criteria. Her products are only produced using organic ingredients, they are clean and simple, and made to bring out our natural beauty.
Over One Over’s formulas are very simple, they don’t contain parabens or petroleum jelly, and they are made to help you car for the skin of your face. The products are suitable for all skin types, especially for sensitive skin, and they are designed to bring out your own natural glow. The products don’t come in too many colors, because the idea is to make you look radiant without masking your face: Over One Over is like a white tee — it never goes out of fashion.
Base Glow Sheer Light is the perfect cosmetic: an illuminating base over which you can do your makeup, while Rose Dorée Lip Oil is a balm that will make your lips soft, healthy and beautiful to the sight… Or to the touch of other lips. Beauty is so simple after all, isn’t it?

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