Refinery 29- Winky Lux

Much like everything else in makeup, it’s dye! Your skin is reacting to dye. Some dyes can be colorless, weak acids that turn into colored pigments when applied on the skin. They react differently at different pH levels. “These dyes are able to act like pH indicators, meaning the color is unique to you,” explains Winky Lux CEO Natalie Mackey. Mackey says that the ‘indicator’, or dye, is responding to the specific pH of your own lips, and that’s what determines the shade it becomes — typically pink or coral.

Byrdie- Emira D’Spain

The Influencer: Emira D’Spain

“Emira D’Spain might be newly famous on TikTok, but when it comes to the beauty industry, she’s been here for years. Bringing together makeup know-how (she’s the former beauty director at Paper), complete transparency (which includes openly documenting everything from facials to her BBL journey), and a vernacular and sense of humor all her own, it’s no surprise she’s blown up. The only question is why it didn’t happen sooner. With a contract signed with Victoria’s Secret, the first Black trans model to do so, over 1M followers, and the most in-demand product recommendation list around, there are plenty of receipts to back up her win as Byrdie’s Beauty Influencer of the Year.

Cindy Mello- Grazia

Model Cindy Mello traveled to Qatar for the 2022 FIFA Wold Cup — and she took GRAZIA USA along for the ride with her exclusive photo diary. Mello, who posed for the likes of Dior and has been busy jet-setting throughout the year to fashion months from New York to Paris, took a brief breather in the Middle East for soccer’s biggest event.

From cheering on her native Brazil, and attending exciting soccer games, to reconnecting with longtime Brazilian friends, Mello made a point to squeeze in some sightseeing and even a few HIIT-style workouts with personal training and fitness group DOGPOUND while she was there. Go inside her soccer-filled trip in her exclusive photo diary, below.