Antidote Chocolate – Inquisitr – 15 June 2017

For someone seeking a more traditional form of chocolate, Antidote Chocolate’s “serious chocolate” is produced in Ecuador. The Brooklyn-based company, as launched in 2010 by Red Thalhammer, is known to incorporate actual bits of fruits, nuts, salts, and spices into its bars. Whether you seek milk, dark, or flavor fusion, Antidote’s bars — which are low in sugar — range from 56 percent cacao (milk chocolate, strawberry milk chocolate) to raw 100 percent cacao. The brand notably won Great Taste UK Gold awards in 2014 for its Lavender + Red Salt (84 percent cacao) and Coffee + Cardamon (73 percent cacao) bars.

Andreja Pejic – Refinery 29 – 14 June 2017

Andreja Pejic knows a thing or two about superlatives: She’s arguably the most recognizable transgender supermodel working today; before her transition, she was the biggest androgynous name in the business. In 2011, OUT Magazine named her Stylemaker of the Year on its list of the 100 Most Compelling People.