Ubah Hassan – Beauty and Wellbeing – 26 September 2017

With her radiant smile and effortless charm, it could be easy to mistake Ubah Hassan for a positivity magnet. In fact, Ubah’s story is an unconventional one, marked by challenges that are now testimonies to her true strength. When you learn that, as a Somalian refugee in Kenya, Ubah had to wait in line 6 hours for fresh water, you realise that her strength comes from more than the positivity that she embodies, but from her captivating ability to make those around her feel loved.

Nisi – Refinery 29 – 21 September 2017

This charming Greek eatery is cozily tucked within the heart of the West Village. Serving up authentic and flavor-filled nosh with a side of blue and white seaside vibes, Nisi Estiatorio is a welcomed escape from the surrounding darker wooden haunts. Although it’s hard to go wrong with any of the decadent dishes, the Lobster Moussaka with zucchini and a creamy béchamel sauce is a must. Oh, and also the pan-fried Saganaki cheese — divine.