Nicole Trunfio – The Thirty – 24 January 2018

“I would often go to the Australian gym Training Mate at their L.A. location. It’s funny though—I actually worked out less intensely leading up to the wedding. All the chaos surrounding the wedding planning made it hard to find time to stop and eat. I was running purely on adrenaline, which I think sped up my metabolism. I did, however, focus my efforts on yoga and exercises that benefitted the mind, body, and soul.

Sif Saga – The Coveteur – 24 January 2018

Personal care is always big on everyone’s list come January 1st. And despite the dedication and commitment, it can be hard to get that “glow” a good skin-care regimen provides when it is -20 degrees in our HQ city of New York. So when we heard our favorite UK import, No7, was heading to Los Angeles for the launch of their new Early Defence Glow Activating Serum, we quickly jumped on board, determined to get our glow on.