Style360 – Forbes

STYLE 360 is celebrating its 15th year anniversary at September NYFW featuring returning designers such as Serena Williams, Rosario Dawson and Jessie James Decker among others. This milestone makes STYLE360 the longest running multi-day fashion stage producing shows for celebrity designers.

New York Pilates – Vogue

New York Pilates has quickly become a favorite among the fashion crowd. Brands such as Vestier and ANDAR have collaborated with the studio on press events while editors and publicists alike frequent the studio for work and for pleasure. There is, like with any cool brand, plenty of cheeky merch that can be purchased at every location, too, from a baseball cap with a peach emoji on its front—it’s supposed to suggest a nicely toned derrière (from pilates, of course!)—to T-shirts that boldly read “What the Fuck Is New York Pilates?” But in the workout rooms there is little evidence of Andersen’s personal fashion aesthetic. Instead, attendees typically sport pastel leggings, coordinating sets from Outdoor Voices, or leotards from Live The Process. That’s all about to change, however, with the highly anticipated launch of NYP Tech Sport, a line of sleek activewear that serves as an extension of the already recognizable brand.