PRAKTI- Marie Claire

Ayurveda, a holistic approach to beauty and wellness, is something Pritika Swarup practiced her whole life. So, when she found a white space in the industry between Ayurvedic Indian brands and Western ones, she decided to bridge the gap—and on a global scale no less.

“Prakti takes Ayurvedic ingredients and Indian remedies and integrates them into modern, high performance products with luxurious textures,” Swarup explains. “We did not simply repackage traditional Indian and Ayurvedic ingredients in the way that they have been combined and used in the past, but instead created innovative hybrid formulas. The strong role both my cultures have played in Prakti has allowed Indian beauty to be available and accessible to all women.”
Prakti PritiPolish Instant Glow Exfoliator
“It reimagines rice, an enduring staple in homemade skincare remedies, into a modern, sensorial experience for skin and soul. I love how it adds a little magic to a morning or evening routine. Mixing just a few drops of water turns the white powder to a beautiful shade of amethyst. While all of the ingredients have been chosen for their skin benefits, the combination of rose damascena oil with vetiver root gives PritiPolish a delicate and refreshing aroma.”