Beatnic- The Infatuation

No one at Beatnic, a fast casual mini-chain formerly known as By Chloe, is trying to trick you into thinking that you’re eating meat by using ingredients labeled with “impossible” or “beyond.” The burger patties here are thick and dense, and they taste like well-seasoned, mashed lentils and peas—because that’s exactly what they’re made of. Order the guac burger with tortilla chips, corn salsa, and chunky guacamole that seems like it’s made minutes before it gets scooped in between your whole grain bun. This place also makes great sauces, like sweet beet ketchup, tangy chipotle aioli, and turmeric tahini dressing that comes with the breaded cauli poppers, which we prefer over the inadequately-crisped air baked fries. We suggest you come to Beatnic with a friend, and split a burger. The burgers are huge, and they’re a great deal at $10-$12 each.