ENLY- New York Post

Model Enly Tammela’s new coffee and candle shop in Nolita is selling a bank-busting $490 candle the owner hopes will cause buyers to wax poetic about its artistry — and forget about the price.

The candle — which consists of four pounds of coconut and soy wax and burns for 200 hours — sits in glass she designed, and is handblown in Brooklyn by artisan William Couig.

“It’s a piece of art that you can use after for anything, put flowers, fruit in it or you can also bring those vessels back to my store and then I will refill it,” explained the 30-year-old, who has struck poses for the likes of Ralph Lauren, Chanel, Revlon and Covergirl.

Her ‘wick’ed idea was ignited during the pandemic, after her now-ex-boyfriend made a quip about her newfound obsession with crafting.