Pierre Michel Salon – Today

“This is my absolute favorite! It doesn’t smell, it’s streak free, easy to use and so affordable. You can spray your body after showering for a golden-tan glow or you can spray on top of your makeup as a setting spray and to add glow. And it’s perfect to use on the décolletage for some extra glow before going out!” said Katherine Dorn, makeup artist at Pierre Michel salon in New York City.

Winky Lux – NY Post

Winky Lux cosmetics is known for glittery eye shadows and heart-shaped lipsticks. “It’s lots of unicorns and mermaids,” says 34-year-old CEO Natalie Mackey, whose streamlined personal style shows that you can run a bubbly beauty brand while dressing like a badass.

F45 Training – Popsugar – 19 April 2018

When I heard about F45 Training, I thought it was just another Barry’s or SoulCycle. But after hearing so many great things about the program, I decided to go in with an open mind and give it a shot. Here are a few things I learned about F45 Training. Spoiler alert: it was the best group fitness class I’ve ever taken.

Jessica Hart – Vogue – 18 April 2018

Afterward, De Betak hosted an intimate dinner, which included Jessica Hart, Olivia Palermo, and Vogue’s Sally Singer, Lynn Yaeger, and Nicole Phelps, at a surprise location. After a quick drive, some in a white Hummer stretch-limo, the attendees arrived at Ninja, a restaurant in Tribeca where the waiters dress like (you guessed it) ninjas and diners eat underneath Japanese lanterns.

Meet Model, Mother and Entrepreneur Nicole Trunfio

Since leaving her home in Australia to pursue a career as a model, Nicole Trunfio has worked for brands including Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Christian Dior, and Gucci, just to name a few. Now a mother of two and creator of jewelry line ERTH, Nicole updated us on her favorite beauty secrets, mother moments, and inspiration for her new exquisite line of jewelry.

WinkyLux Has A New Collab With Model Sif Saga, And It’s Actually Fire

If you’re into low-key brands that are not only cruelty free but look out for the girls who love natural beats and light-weight makeup, look no further than Winky Lux.

In their new collab with the up-and-coming model Sif Saga, you’re going to get major 70’s vibes. The release is filled with bold, rich colors and an affordable price to match – because we can all be a little nicer to our bank accounts rn.

In honor of her new Winky Lux makeup collab, we sat down with Sif to learn about her everyday makeup looks as well as exclusive deets on what’s in the release!

Sharam Diniz – Refinery 29

Sharam Diniz is a 27-year-old model born in Angola, Africa who now lives in New York City. She’s walked the Victoria’s Secret runway, starred in Tom Ford and Chanel campaigns, and is set to launch her own hair extensions line, Sharam Hair, this summer.