AKT – New York Post

Shakira, 42, has been training with Anna Kaiser — the founder of AKT, a boutique fitness studio with four New York area locations — for around 10 years. In person, they connect at least five times per year and make sure to check in weekly for video workouts and some chitchat.

Winky Lux – Town & Country

Whether you’re shopping for your wife, sister, or mother, choosing a Valentine’s Day gift for the special woman—or women—in your life can come with some intimidation factor. Whether you’re looking for a petite gift that’s packed with feeling, a treasure that she will keep forever, or a dramatic present for the number one lady in your life, we’ve found the chicest Valentine’s Day gifts that are sure to wow her at every price point.

Taproom No.307 – Chilled

This week, were chatting with Mickey Alexander, the beer sommelier at Taproom No. 307 in New York’s Gramercy neighborhood. With 40 beers on tap and 60 seasonal bottled beers available, Taproom No. 307 is in the business of helping people find new beers to try and love. It recently launched its Ultimate Craft Beer Experience, a beer tasting that uses all five senses to learn about the ingredients, brewing process and flavors of different brews. Here, Alexander discusses how he chooses beers for Taproom No. 307’s draft lines and what he’s drinking right now.

Big Apple Circus – Forbes

The 42nd season of the Big Apple Circus is officially in full swing following a festive opening night celebration on Sunday, October 27, with guest ringmaster Neil Patrick Harris. This year’s theme, Extraordinary New Yorkers, is not only reflected in the circus acts, but in the food and beverage offerings at the concessions stand.

Pierre Michel Salon – Guest of a Guest

One of my top five least favorite things in the world? Having my hair washed at a salon. Torture. Waterboarding masqueraded as luxury. Sitting there with your neck craned back, positive that your face looks all sorts of unattractive as you wonder whether opening your eyes will make everything ten times more awkward, or if it’s rude to keep them closed, while small sudsy streams snake down into your ears. In those moments I could truly crawl out of my body.

Style360 – Forbes

STYLE 360 is celebrating its 15th year anniversary at September NYFW featuring returning designers such as Serena Williams, Rosario Dawson and Jessie James Decker among others. This milestone makes STYLE360 the longest running multi-day fashion stage producing shows for celebrity designers.