Jessica Markowski – All My Friends Are Models

Growing up in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, in the 90s, was very different than it is today. It was a neighborhood of Polish immigrants all working blue collar jobs, barely speaking English. Every neighbor, restaurant, deli, 99 cents store was Polish. Even though I was born in America, my first language was Polish. I learned how to speak English in Pre-school. Today, Greenpoint, Brooklyn is now gentrified and popular to many.

Montauk Beach House –

The Shop x Tarin Thomas will debut at The Montauk Beach House this summer. The poolside retail space will boast an eclectic selection of vintage and indie designers, featuring a selection of fashion, jewelry and eyewear brands curated by New York City-based jewelry brand Tarin Thomas. There will also be exclusive Beach House merch.

Winky Lux – Marie Claire

Winky Lux’s line features a gorgeous collection of diverse shades that are fit for all skin tones, which is sadly still a rarity in the market of tinted moisturizers. Thoughtfully made with SPF 30, white tea and pomegranate extract, along with vitamins A and E, this will do the skin right.

Kusshi – Forbes

This brilliant three-layer travel bag comes with so many organizing options, you can KonMari it to your heart’s content. There are dedicated pockets and spaces for makeup brushes, eyelash curlers and any other beauty necessities you want to take with you. There are even special bottle protectors you can add to zip away potential spills. This is a makeup lover’s dream bag. Price: $149

ONDYN – Gotham

Today, celebrity Jewelry designer Tara Maria Famiglietti launched a new collection ONDYN, a modern, fine jewelry collection inspired by water, the universal element that connects us all.

Born and raised in Manhattan, founder Tara Maria Famiglietti was acclaimed as a jewelry designer to watch by New York Magazine at the age of twenty when she developed a contemporary fine jewelry line using diamonds and 18k gold that would one day become the inspiration for ONDYN’s clean and luxurious aesthetic. Since then, Tara, who received a degree

Kusshi – Total Beauty

“My favorite makeup bags have a liner on the inside so you can put them in the washing machine,” said Katherine Dorn, celebrity makeup artist at Pierre Michel Salon. “I recommend investing in Kusshi fabric makeup bags, as they are fully machine washable, and their leather bags have a removable lining that you can throw in the wash,” she adds.

Revival Swimwear – Brides

Few categories feel as difficult to shop for as swimwear, and when sustainability is a factor, it seems all the more challenging, right? Wrong! Eco-friendly fashion is more popular than ever from clothing to accessories, and yes, even bathing suits. And we’re not just talking about simple, straight forward one-pieces and bikinis, myriad swimwear brands are taking ethical practices into account and going the extra mile with design — you can shop all the latest swimwear trends from ethical brands and feel so much better about doing it. What could be better for destination brides-to-be, beachy wedding guests, or couples planning a tropical honeymoon or romantic getaway where you plan to almost exclusively wear swimwear?